SRAM Adds White Apex Road Group Color Option

sram white apex road group

On the road side, SRAM skipped over Rival and Force to take their color options introduced with Tour Yellow RED LTE and the new RED Black all the way down to Apex.

The new color for the entry level group is called Alpine White. It’s a painted finish with matching white hoods. Brake levers are kept ano black to keep them clean looking when you’re hands are dirty or when leaning the bike up against stuff. Same with the crank…it’s ano black with just a bit of white detail so it won’t rub off immediately and look crappy. More pics behind the break…

They’ve also got a mountain bike Apex lever and 2×10 shifter in white, too, that’s made for road brake cable pull. Parts can obviously be mixed and matched to have the white and black pieces laid out on your bike as you see fit.


yesplease - 04/16/11 - 12:41pm

Availability date?

This is going on my new cross build for sure.

Patrick - 04/16/11 - 11:02pm

Next up– polished aluminum finish? Please?

Russell - 04/18/11 - 9:27am

Shimano Sante’ anyone?

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