Teaser: Fox Going Mainstream with Kashima Coating, Revises Internals

Just a little pre-Sea Otter teaser here: Fox has upped production of their Kashima Coat forks and moved it back to the shocks, too, as we previously mentioned.

What this means to you? It means the Kashima coated forks (and now shocks) are no longer aftermarket only, they’re now available to manufacturers as an OEM option, meaning these things are going to be popping up everywhere, probably immediately.

Also, they’ve redesigned their seals and internals to drastically reduce friction, and from what we hear from a few peeps that have ridden them, the difference is astounding. We’ve got an appointment with Fox’s new marketing man, Jim, at Sea Otter, so look for the full scoop soon. Until then, there’s another pic after the break to tide you over…


KGr - 04/14/11 - 12:41am

Any news whether the improved seals will be available as a retrofit for the rest of us?

Tyler (Editor) - 04/14/11 - 3:25am

KGr – I’ll find out in a couple of days, I think my meeting with them is Saturday to get the full scoop, but if I get any news sooner, I’ll post an update.

Bill - 04/14/11 - 8:24am

Is this the new Ibis we have been waiting for as well???

alloycowboy - 04/14/11 - 8:41am

Okay, so now Fox is adding a Kashima coating to its forks and shocks to reduce stiction (stick friction). But then they add the friction back through mechanical platform valving. That doesn’t make much sense.

Tyler (Editor) - 04/14/11 - 10:04am

Bill, yes that’s the new Ibis. We’ll have pics up today with lots of details and specs.

KGr - 04/14/11 - 6:47pm

@Tyler – Thanks, much appreciated.

@alloycowboy – You can shut off the valving when you’re bombing downhill by setting it to the 0 or open position – can’t do that with stiction.

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