Fulcrum Goes Black Tie with New Racing Zero Dark Label Wheels

2012 campy fulcrum racing zero dark label road clincher wheels

Seems offering various color options on components is the hot new trend, what with SRAM’s Red Black, FSA’s colored pairings and others popping up lately. Now Fulcrum Racing has joined the party, rollin’ in with their new Dark Label wheels and upping the dress code a bit.

The new Dark Label version of their Racing Zero clincher wheels are unchanged spec-wise from the black-and-white-graphic’d 2011 model and match the deep section Dark Label Racing Speed XLR carbon 50 and 80 wheels recently introduced. Now you can better build your stealth road bike…or at least not detract from all your ironic pink bits.

Fulcrum has rolled out quite a few new wheels lately for road, cyclocross and mountain, too, if you’re interested.


Uri - 04/08/11 - 10:10am

These would look so fresh on one of those black on black Cannondales.

Pete - 04/09/14 - 3:22pm

Sexy wheels, fast acceleration and light. I bought mine year ago and still am happy i did. I bought from http://www.procyclingbrands.com and plan to get a pair of aero wheels too for my 1st Ironman this September:-)

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