Trek-Gary Fisher Transport + Taco Bike

If this isn’t the ultimate utility bike, I don’t know what is. Put together to take advantage of the festivity that is NAHBS, Gary Fisher helped dream up the Trek Transport + Taco bike, complete with everything needed to make food on the go. Here’s the scoop:

It’s the Transport+ Taco Truck. A Gary Fisher-inspired labor of tex-mex cuisine love. We hooked up with the guys at Mellow Johnny’s to host the unveiling of the bike and were able to serve around a hundred people catfish tacos prepped and served right on the bike.

A modified cutting board cut to fit specifically on Transport’s front rack fits snuggly and provides all the room you need for preparing the taco’s accoutrements while the rear rack houses a butane burner that allows all the room you need for any cooking. All of the utensils and cookware is kept in Transport’s rear panniers to allow for tacos whenever the mood strikes.

More pics after the break…


…and after. Check out the full gallery on Trek’s Facebook page.


topmounter - 04/06/11 - 6:53pm

I thought he changed his name to Gary Trek?

Blooseville - 04/07/11 - 8:46am

ha ha… very smart! Loved.

steve m - 04/07/11 - 6:31pm

Much like Gary- a larger than life gimmick

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