World’s First Special Flip?

The insanity of the Nitro Circus Crew continues. This time it is Travis Pastrana’s cousin, Special Greg who goes huge and throws down the first ever “Special Flip” while performing one of the Nitro Circus Live shows. Just when you think tricks just can’t get any more crazy on a BMX, someone goes and does something like this!


Xris - 04/01/11 - 12:37am

As a bmx rider, I am appalled at this trick. Yes, it’s impressive. Someone doing a flip off the bike. Yay. But landed? HARDLY! Foot off the bike, crappy landing, done on resi ramp. To be legitimate, land the trick clean, land it in competition or on a real ramp. Then sir, you can have your fame.

Robin - 04/01/11 - 1:01am


alloycowboy - 04/01/11 - 3:29am

I can’t wait to see the video when he screws it up!

Prankster - 04/01/11 - 6:13am

April 1?:p

topmounter - 04/01/11 - 11:17am

But the bike didn’t even flip…?!?

smay - 04/02/11 - 3:29pm

He survived it. Xris, you go land it and then you can pop off about his form.

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