Project 24 Review: 2011 Ellsworth Truth SST.2 frame

Check out all of our Project 24 posts here! As far as the pieces that make up a bicycle, nothing defines the ride like the frame. That’s especially true of full suspension frames. In a time where even the most mainstream of bicycle brands sells (or at least makes available) $3,000 carbon fiber frames, it’s […]

Project 24 Review: 2011 Magura Durin 100 Race suspension fork

See all of our Project 24 posts here! It’s been nearly a decade time since I’ve owned a suspension fork that could claim (with a straight face) to be anywhere in the neighborhood of 3lb. Somehow, after letting go of V-brakes and aluminum hardtails, I became attached to the idea of small bump compliance and, […]

Project 24 Review: Schwalbe Racing Ralph 26×2.25 SnakeSkin tire

Check out all of our Project 24 posts here! Here in the desert, our tire expectations do differ from those in loamier parts of the world. Most of us have been attracted by the siren call of 400 and 500g tires, only to find ourselves cursing our foolishness while walking towards a distant finish line, […]

Project 24 Review: American Classic MTB 26 Tubeless wheelset

See all of our Project 24 posts and reviews here! Seeing as the last thing I look for in a wheelset is on-trail excitement (especially in the middle of the night), American Classic were an easy choice for our Project 24 race bike.  Thanks in part to founder Bill Shook’s unique and lightweight engagement mechanism, […]

Project 24 Review: Crank Brothers Candy 3 pedals

See all of our Project 24 posts here! A long-time Eggbeater user, I can’t say that I was exactly looking forward to exchanging my pedals for a 24 hour race- even if it was within in the same family.  While I understand the attraction of adding a small platform to the frightening-looking Eggbeaters, I’d never […]

Bikerumor Project 24: Success!

Find all Project 24 posts here! Once again, Presidents’ Day Weekend has come and gone- and with it another 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. This year’s event was the biggest yet, with entry capped at 1,850 racers, to say nothing of the hundreds of friends, family, volunteers, and spectators who briefly made up the […]