Let the Hayesing Begin

If you happened to be up at midnight, and stumbled upon the new Hayes Components website, you would have been greeted with this:

Sorry. We’re out jacking bikes. Come back in…. (with a count down timer underneath)

Last night, Hayes Components introduced their new website, along with a new video campaign. The “Hayesing” involves stealing unsuspecting rider’s bikes, and updating them with the hottest parts from Hayes, Answer, and Manitou. Be sure to check out the site and keep an eye out for future installments. Who knows, maybe your bike could be next?


Chipollini - 03/31/11 - 3:24pm

Hayes components a rubbish, I’d rather have my bike get Avid-tarted than Heysed!

Steve - 03/31/11 - 3:38pm

Umm…I’d be pretty pissed my bike got downgraded.

Chris - 03/31/11 - 4:14pm

That would be awesome!…if I wanted my bike to suck.

Andrew - 03/31/11 - 4:15pm

Seriously Hayes, your products have not been welcome on my bikes for almost a decade. Please stay away from my quiver.

Wheelman - 03/31/11 - 4:43pm

So, you’re saying you would take my hard earned money costing Fox, Avid and Shimano parts and replace them with Hayes, Answer and Manitou bits? And this is called an “Update”? I can understand that you would want to trade your piss poor parts for my nice working parts, but the term for this is robbery.

Joey - 03/31/11 - 6:13pm

cute. recognize those bikes from rays. if my bike got hayesed, i think, ya’ll would just look at it and say, “oh, already done” and walk away.

builder - 03/31/11 - 6:33pm

When you guys finally take your bikes off the stone trails you might notice its not 1991 anymore. Last year I got rid of a leaky f32 and a rebe that was as stiff as a wet noddle. Both bikes now have a minute29’er. They rider better than the fox or reba. I was so happy I swapped out the bleed every 5 ride avids for the stokers,

Tyler - 03/31/11 - 6:54pm

This is the worst marketing strategy ever imployed in the cycling industry…I’m calling it.

Josh - 03/31/11 - 7:03pm

Hating on parts no one has ridden…makes total sense. Avid has a great track record with brakes (I am referring to their only ones that work BB7’s)

Rich - 03/31/11 - 7:26pm

Relax guys, I’m sure the original owner gets their old parts back. Also, I’m guessing they are targeting bikes with cheaper components, so it would be an upgrade.

fuzzy - 03/31/11 - 7:31pm

And the intertards come out to play….

DavidB - 03/31/11 - 7:55pm

There is some really poor mechanic work shown in the vid.

bobaloo - 03/31/11 - 8:12pm

Maybe this is a good thing. Good marketing campaigns usually have folks buying crap. Can’t tell you how much i’ve had to bleed my avids in the past year. Switched to a Dorado too.

Alex - 04/01/11 - 4:15am

Oh Yeah! As always, haters gonna hate!
BUT I like Hayes components. Newer had any problems with my Hayes brakes (compared to Avid’s screaming and gobbling ones). And I’m glad that Hayes is keep making great components!

Varaxis - 04/02/11 - 1:17am

Never seen so many posts for an article. Was there any incentive to post? Are these even true opinions? Only on April Fools day…

tj - 04/24/12 - 1:24pm

hayes brakes are great

Sly - 04/25/12 - 12:34pm

That must be an idea straight coming from Scott Struve!

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