Forget 29er’s, Is Your Bike Powered By A Double Rainbow?

Here’s a break in our 29er reporting to look at something completely different. Check out this new artist on Etsy: linedraw. You’ll want to buy his whole series of bike culture prints – and probably even the non-bike related prints (think: superheroes and Star Wars!). Witty, and cheap at only $15 for a 5×7 print, or $22 to have any print on a t-shirt. Awesome.

If you like that one, you’ll love the others after the break, or click on the link above to see all of linedraw’s work. Cheers.

“Share The Road”

Boba Fett pulling Han Solo on bike

This is why I ride my bike. “Cookie Monster on bike with chocolate chip cookie wheels

…and I had to put this one in because, what else could follow a double rainbow but a “Unicorn riding bike“?


zen - 03/31/11 - 8:55am

All hail the IPU, may her holy hooves never be shod!

Velorambling - 03/31/11 - 9:55am

That unicorn shirt dovetails perfectly to my new venture.
That said I will be ordering a Cookie Monster T.
Great stuff

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