Ellsworth Working on New Freeride 180mm Mountain Bike, Replacing Rogue?

ellsworth replacing rogue 8 inch travel bike with a 7 inch 180mm full suspension mountain bike called the Freeride

We (along with anyone else on their mailing list) just got a little note from Ellsworth saying “for all you Rogue lovers, there is a VERY good chance the prototype of the new 180 mm Freeride will be making its debut.”

While that capital F in Freeride suggests that would be the bike’s name, they also say to get your creative juices flowing as the new bike will need a name. We smell a contest a brewin’. So, what makes this interesting is it sounds like they’re replacing the Rogue (above), which coincidentally is no longer showing up on their website, with a slightly shorter travel bike. The Rogue comes in at 8″ travel, but the new one claims 180mm, which measures in at about 7″. Time will tell, but we’re betting it gets their pretty SST (Schwaged, Shaped Tubing) on the new frame…and hopefully a larger diameter seat tube than their current long travel bikes so they can use the new crop of dropper seat posts.

PS – They’re working with Cane Creek to use the AngleSet headset on the new bike, giving riders adjustable head angles.


Rob - 03/24/11 - 11:45pm

DARRROOOOOOOOOOOL. That thing looks absolutely gorgeous! Cheers from Nova Scotia, Canada!

Raab - 03/25/11 - 8:15am

You can not replace a rogue

[…] Ellsworth Working on New Freeride 180mm Mountain Bike, Replacing Rogue? […]

bike enthusiast - 12/14/13 - 4:07pm

Great Bicycle just love the design of that moutain bike!

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