Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Coastal Redwood Forests

Photo of Tbo riding in Santa Cruz, CA, submitted by Stevil of All Hail The Black Market, 5/5.

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RoyceB - 03/23/11 - 9:53am

Wear a helmet!

David - 03/23/11 - 5:11pm

Sweet photo! Helmet police, you are on the wrong website.

Humantics - 03/23/11 - 5:47pm

It appears hes fading in and out of this dimension….. sexy…

John - 03/23/11 - 9:34pm

Wear a fricken helmet! This makes all cyclists look bad. This guy is an idiot for not wearing the most essential of safety devices.

marcusd - 03/23/11 - 9:38pm

Trails + Cross bike + PowerBeard = Awesomesauce.

Stevil - 03/24/11 - 11:18am

John, I promise you.. No one cares.

Gene O - 03/29/11 - 1:16am

He has no knee pads or gloves or glasses either. His parents did’nt wear any either and look at him now! No helmet, ohhh the horror!

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