Friday Video Fun: Carnage at the Buc XC!

…and the guy with the “cowbell” is the icing on the cake. Thanks to Nick H for the link!


spokejunky - 03/18/11 - 10:05am

Awesome. Or as I like to say “Mom, I’m out of the emergency room now.”

elumbella - 03/18/11 - 10:23am

was it the goal to crash in that turn?

Nick Hamilton - 03/18/11 - 11:34am

Hey… it was me who sent you the link!!!

Can I have a name check??

Tom - 03/18/11 - 12:05pm

If this race took place in Canada, would they all suit for dangerous conditions?

Luke - 03/18/11 - 12:34pm

I was there racing. It was tough- I cleaned that bit every lap (seat up, on an Anthem X) but it’s much steeper and tougher than it looks. There’s practically no traction and there’s big old rocks hiding in it, and it’s one of those ones where it’s so steep that once you’re on a line toward a rock the brakes won’t save you.

It was a great piece of trail- I think it’s the old DH track!

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