Sighted: Evo Integrated Handlebar Basket


This is a new one on me: The Evo Integrated handlebar Basket or “Bar Basket,” or “Barsket,” or — at last call on St. Patrick’s Day — “Bar-Busket.” And speaking of bars (or drinking anyway), according to the guys at Hawley, this thing is a far superior way to carry a six pack — way less rattling than your standard Wald basket. Although I always thought my Wald basket actually provided a smooth ride for my cargo. Almost like the wobbly stays acted like a gyroscope, keeping the load in one place as the basket moved all over the place like skinny Elvis’ hips. I Googled around and all I could find out about this item is that it is made in Copenhagen (or at least designed there) and that it’s available through Hawley. Obviously it requires a removable face plate stem, but I don’t know if I’d hook the Evo Handle-Barsket up to my K-Force Light Carbon Monocoque stem and load it up with a case Tecate. Perhaps someone will come up with recommendations on that one. Ooh, just thinking about the crash that would occur if the faceplate gave way while you were carrying a heavy cargo…damn.

Specs, price, and an informative video from Hawley after the break.


Evo Integrated Handlebar Basket:

  • Innovative handlebar with integrated basket
  • Made out of sturdy aluminum tubing
  • Mounts just like a normal handlebar (removable faceplate stem required)
  • 648mm wide
  • Available in black and silver
  • $79.99


Fred Astaire - 03/17/11 - 5:36pm

I think it would carry the same weight as your Wald rack. I mean, honestly, putting anything too heavy on the front end of your bike isn’t a great idea. But I think this is a neat way around having a standard basket jiggling around.

Uri - 03/17/11 - 5:38pm

Will it fit the new Specialized Venge?

Fred Astaire - 03/17/11 - 5:48pm

It was actually designed with McClaren as well.

Qamuuqin - 09/22/11 - 11:55pm

Hello keg carrier! This brings hydration to a new level. Kegs aren’t too heavy for the front, are they?!?!?

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