For all you sportsmen out there: dual-purpose polo mallet holster also holds a sixer

Lovely little idea this: a bespoke leather polo mallet holder for those of you who like to play bike polo. And when the game is done, you can use it to transport your post-match refreshments. The designers, Walnut Studio in (you guessed it) Portland, Oregon, make a nice range of leather bike accessories, and this one seems a snip at $22.

The usual disclaimers about being responsibly sober in charge of a fast-moving object apply.

Clickety-click for more photos…

Peeped on Etsy via Selectism.


Matt - 03/16/11 - 8:28pm


RP - 03/17/11 - 12:42am

So the cardboard on the sixer can rip over a slight bump? Great plan.

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