NAHBS 2011 – DeSalvo’s 29er, City Cruiser, Cyclocross and Road Bikes

nahbs 2011 desalvo cyclocross bike

DeSalvo’s one of the few booths I have no notes on, just pics. Enjoy. Above, a cyclocross bike with a bit of paint and opposing brushed sections. Closeup and more bikes after the break…

Rigid singlespeed 29er mountain bike.

City cruiser bike for commuting in style.

nahbs 2011 desalvo road bike

Above and below, road bikes.


Nick Burklow - 03/15/11 - 5:44pm

The grey road bike is a “builder special” he has had up on the site for a while it looks like. WSC aluminum cockpit and seat, full SRAM Force build, ROL wheels, steel frame, carbon stays, and Ouzo Pro fork for $3500.

Matt - 03/16/11 - 8:57am

Almost all of these NAHBS bikes shown are really cool….unfortunately for myself and my riding companions, I can’t think of anybody who could afford any of these bikes. I’m not poor by any means, and not trying to be an a-hole, just pointing out what seems to be the obvious. It’s right up there with the Rapha stuff….since when did cycling become a f-ing country club sport? Cheers.

Tommy Mac - 03/20/11 - 5:02pm

Matt – It depends on what you’re comparing to. I mean, spending $25k on a car is considered pretty acceptable by most. Why is spending a few g’s on a bike such a bad thing? FWIW, Mike DeSalvo’s bikes are really fairly priced for the quality of his builds – no more than what you’d spend on many a carbon frame from Taiwan. And he’s a great guy!

womens beach cruiser - 08/01/11 - 6:30am

The fenders really highlight the whitewall tires as well, yet another feature that makes it one of the flashiest and fun-looking cruisers around Affordable Cruiser Bicycle.

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