Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Now THIS Is A Bike Lane

Photo submitted by Derek Pierce, “Now that is what I call a cycle path. In the Alicante region, Spain”

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Varaxis - 03/10/11 - 11:28am

Love it!

Steve - 03/10/11 - 3:25pm

Cracking. Let sustrans see that!

bikemaster - 03/10/11 - 4:06pm

a hallmark of a truly advanced civiization.

sachmo - 03/10/11 - 6:54pm

What a waste of paint. Imagine all of the non-environmentally friendly processes that it took to make paint that does nothing.

Varaxis - 03/11/11 - 9:09am

Paint beautifies it and gives it another protective coating. This particular probably does more, but I wouldn’t be able to tell by just looking at. What do you expect paint to do? Do you live in an unpainted log, brick, or stone house? Do you have a vehicle that isn’t painted? Are all your clothes undyed? Such hypocrisy…

Stevil - 05/30/11 - 5:30pm

I like this shot very much. It makes me smile. Thank you.

Mona - 10/31/14 - 10:23am

Where exactly is this. I am going to visit Alicante in spring and would like to cycle here.

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