Raleigh’s Port Townsend and Detour Deluxe City and Commuter Bicycles

raleigh 2011 port townsend upscale city randonneuring dirt road bike

Raleigh USA showed off several models of their city and commuter bikes, the best looking of the bunch was the Port Townsend, above.

The Port Townsend, which totally copped the Rapha Bike colors, is a steel bike with geometry mixed between cyclocross and road, made for riding anywhere…around town, on dirt roads or on the local club ride. It’s a killer value for what you get: fenders, front rack, pedals with toe straps and full Shimano Sora drivetrain and 9-speed Dura-Ace bar end shifters. Fits up to 42c tires without fenders, about a 35c with fenders. MSRP $850.

They also had their Detour Deluxe upscale commuter bike. Pics of both and more info after the break…

raleigh 2011 port townsend upscale city randonneuring dirt road bike

raleigh 2011 port townsend upscale city randonneuring dirt road bike

raleigh usa 2011 detour deluxe upscale commuter bike

The Detour Deluxe is completely new for 2011. Modeled after their Alleyway to be a stylish commuter, it uses the same frame and fenders, but adds commuter accessories like a welded-on rear pannier rack, integrated AXA lock, roller brakes with front dynamo hub and lights that store a bit of energy to stay illuminated at a stop light. Sloping top tube makes it unisex.

The built-in lock makes quick coffee stops easier, and the integrated rear pannier rack means nothing to take on or off or work loose over the bumps.

Has a frame break on both the seat- and chainstay and an eccentric BB so you could upgrade it to belt drive. It comes with a Shimano Nexus 8 drivetrain. MSRP $820.


Caliente - 03/09/11 - 6:32pm

Copped the colors of the Rapha bike? Hmm… I dunno about that one. It may be a case of chicken vs. egg.
The PT was at interbike last August… The linked article was published on the 12th of January. I dunno when each was individually made, but it would seem to me like the Raleigh came first.

Adam - 03/09/11 - 9:23pm

^^^ Agreed. The Port Townsend has been around a lot longer that that overpriced Rapha series of bikes. Since when are black and white the “Rapha colors”?

Editz - 03/09/11 - 9:50pm

Is it me, or will the Detour front fender keep more crap off the drivetrain than the Port Townsend’s?

Steven - 03/18/11 - 3:09am

I think he’s referring to the script and the pink and white banding on black.

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