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Project 24: Duelling Forecasts

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There’s nothing that will significantly increase the dread of a 24-hour race like the threat of 2 days worth of rain.  Ever since race day came within range of fourteen day forecasts , I’ve found myself flipping between Accuweather, The Weather Chanel, and Weather Underground, trying to make sense of the day-to-day shifts in forecast.  As it stands now (Sunday), it looks as though the Project 24 race bike will be getting muddy.  Or not.  Weather is notoriously difficult to predict, but as we close in on this year’s 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, the fenders and waterproofs are coming out of their hiding places.  Hopefully, just being prepared will be enough to keep precipitation at bay.

Meanwhile, the bike itself is performing excellently.  Despite a fair amount of what passes for mud and snow in these parts, the fat-but-fast Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires have been fantastic.  At 565g apiece (10g less than claimed), with sturdy SnakeSkin sidewalls, the Ralphs have as much traction in our local loose-over-hard conditions as anything I’ve tried.  They also work surprisingly well in the wet- though if things get particularly nasty, the Truth’s lack of tire clearance will have me swapping the rear out for a narrower Schwalbe Albert.  More updates after the jump!