Avid Releases Hydraulic Brake Hose Cutting Tool

avid hydraulic mountain bike bicycle brake hose cutting tool

Joining it’s new Pro Bleed Kit, Avid’s come out with a super simple, easy to use hose cutter for trimming hydraulic brake cables. It should work on any brand hydraulic hose as long as it’s not steel braided. More pics after the break…

avid hydrualic brake hose cutter


DirtDawg - 02/22/11 - 3:26pm

Kinda looks like a cigar cutter.

Gillis - 02/22/11 - 5:03pm

@dirtdog: I was gonna say the same thing

greg - 02/22/11 - 11:15pm

I use these
The best hose cutters I’ve ever used, with a commonly replaceable, super-sharp blade. Better than Magura’s, better than Avid’s old one, a rebranded Jagwire.

Ganbei - 02/22/11 - 11:51pm

If only it could be used as one as well!!

Mikey - 02/23/11 - 12:59am

Hopefully It’s cheaper than the old $75 one that looked like a knife sharpener.. but cuts as straight as that $75 one.

Tib - 02/23/11 - 5:23am

Same tool frome Jagwire. Costs about $25


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