Teaser Shot of New Black Sram Red Rear Derailleur

While Tyler is out in Santa Cruz checking out what’s to come from Avid in the way of brakes, this abstract shot was just leaked on Twitter. Unfortunately, there is no information included with the shot, just “Rumor has it there will be something new from SRAM for the 2011 race bikes…”

More on this as soon as we have it, so stay tuned!

*UPDATE* Full Derailleur shot after the break!

Thanks to California Bike-N-Bean For the Tip!


BMark - 02/21/11 - 2:09pm

I’ll bet it’s their new product line, SRAM Fred. Designed to take sidewalk/bike-path racers to the next level of performance. And it only comes in a triple. There will also be a recumbent-specific version available, too.

Nick - 02/21/11 - 3:29pm

Looks revolutionary!

zak - 02/21/11 - 3:39pm

I bet you don’t know what SRAM does mean in Polish language. It means “I’m shitting” and this is NOT a joke. But what I see here is not a revolutionary engineering. It’s just another SRAM.

Steve - 02/21/11 - 3:53pm

Wake me up when it is electronic…

fanboy - 02/21/11 - 5:00pm


no wait…

make that “double yawn”.

I was more excited at the latest Sunrace offerings.

Danno - 02/21/11 - 5:30pm

I like the Damocles its bolted to

Tommy Nickels - 02/21/11 - 5:50pm

I’m going to hope that there is more than just making the metal part carbon. Maybe on the front of the drivetrain is the electric box we’ve all been waiting for that is pulling this derailleur.

Bryan - 02/21/11 - 7:24pm

SRAM RED….. in black

topmounter - 02/21/11 - 7:55pm

I’m not feeling very teased.

kcr - 02/21/11 - 8:10pm

Looks like a tour edition with the regular cage on the bottom. What’s so special?

Daniel - 02/21/11 - 10:54pm

Almost looks as good as my black Rival derailleur.

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