Ellis Cycles Frame Building Video: “I can haz lugz”

Ellis Cycles from Chris Harris on Vimeo.

“Dave Wages builds a frame from Reynolds 953, True Temper S3 and Dedacciai tubing to be displayed unpainted at the 2011 North American Hand Made Bicycle Show in Austin, Texas, February 25-27.”

It seems like every other day some cool, artistically done frame building video comes out, and honestly, I am…really, really stoked on them. This detail-oriented piece has it all: fire, files, and, uh…felines. Doesn’t the presence of cute cats guarantee thirty million views on Youtube?

 “I can haz lugz.”

Someone may have already made a “Lugs Not Drugs” T-shirt, but no one has made a  “I can haz lugz” T-shirt. And I’m not saying anyone should.


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