Midnight Movie: Official NAHBS Promotional Video

Official NAHBS Promotional Video from Justin Unger on Vimeo.

The first 27 seconds or so of this video make it appear as though it’s just going to be some entirely unwatchable footage of a speech in a noisy auditorium, BUT WAIT! After that there are some great detail shots of some gorgeous NAHBS bikes and a bunch of short interviews with frame builders like Richard Sachs, Sacha White, Carl Strong, and others. Well worth the watch.

And yes, I’m sorry if it’s not midnight where you are and you feel discriminated against by my insensitive use of the title “Midnight Movie.” It’s midnight in the Boston-ish area, and I am way too freakin’ tired from shoveling snow and hacking ice to care about you and your feelings right now.


Think Bikeminded - 02/10/11 - 1:33pm

There’s a cameo of someone real familiar at 2:03.

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