Biki-Leaks: Kona 2012 Free-Ride Bike Prototype “Spy” Photo

Kona is at it again…always with the teasing that Kona. This time they’ve leaked photos of a naked 2012 frame that somewhat resembles their Operator FR. Looks slightly different in the headtube/downtube junction area…and that’s about all we know at this time. Perhaps you, our adroit readers, can pick out some esoteric differences between this frame and the Operator FR. (Compare and contrast with the photo of the 2011 Operator after the break.)

Is it really a spy photo? Eh, not really. More the result of cyber-stalking Kona on Twitter and Facebook. If we keep it up, Kona is going to slap a restraining order on us like Mark Zuckerberg did on Pradeep Manukonda.


fanboy - 02/08/11 - 11:17pm

oh cool, Kona has been taking ugly lessons from Norco.

mountguitars - 02/08/11 - 11:29pm

fanboy, norco uses the FSR link (like specialized). kona uses a “walking beam suspension” but simply more like a faux bar aka single pivot modified to have the desired leverage ratio for the rear shock.

i think the difference between the kona operator and this frame is that it has a shorter length required for the rear shock. notice the seat stay which is steeper compared to the operator’s.

blindman - 02/09/11 - 11:40am

fanboy’s right… ugly. that many curved tubes belong on a 1985 womens raleigh!

Daniel - 02/10/11 - 12:57am

It looks like it might be an all mountain bike. I don’t understand why the downtube is curved so much unless it is to accommodate a water bottle. This is something that I value in a frame but know that most customers in this category do not.

Charles - 02/10/11 - 10:08pm

Looks like they are borrowing designs from Karpiel for 2012. At least steal a new suspension design.

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