2011 RaceFace Turbine Cranks – 2×10, 3×10, 3×9, Bash Guards and More

2011 raceface turbine crankset

New for 2011, the RaceFace Turbine Cranks not only come in a few colors, they come in various drivetrain ring combos to match up with whatever you are (or want to be) mashing.

They’re forged and CNC’d from 7050 in their well-known and long used I-beam shape, they’re available with 9- or 10-speed chainrings in double and triple formats, or a double with a bash guard. Or, you can just get the crankarms with spider and put whatever rings you want on them.

More pics and official PR after the break…

From RaceFace:

  • Light enough for XC but strong enough for aggressive all-mountain riding.
  • New lighter weight Turbine BB with titanium coated bearing races to keep water out and and set a new standard in durability.
  • 7050 alloy construction, resulting in unmatched yield strength and stronger pedal threads than XT.
  • Lifetime warranty (versus XT’s 2 year coverage).
  • 3 color options: black, red and grey.

Brand new for 2011, check out our paradigm-shifting Turbine Cranks.

With the Turbines, we’ve got almost every conceivable configuration covered. Beyond the standard 2×10, 3×10 and 3×9 setups, we’re also offering 2×9 (plus bashguard), and straight up crank arms as well. Available in 170, 175, and 180mm lengths, you’ll be hard pressed to dream up a combination that we don’t make.

Regardless of the configuration, all Turbine cranks are painstakingly engineered using ultra high-strength 7050 aluminum, then near-net forged and CNC finished for the aggressive I-Beam profile you’ve come to know and trust from Race Face. And because it’s from Race Face, you can expect them to be packed with more useful features than a Swiss Army knife: 7075 rings for precision shifting and wear resistance, alloy Torx hardware for a secure installation, removable granny spider for better chainguide fitment, and an available titanium spindle for your inner weight weenie.

The product of years of R&D, it’s been an amazing experience designing, riding, and abusing these cranks. We can’t wait to hear how much you’ll like them, too.


Elvis - 02/04/11 - 4:15pm

let me see if I got this right?

lighter than Sram’s XX, and a fraction of the price?

Carlito - 02/04/11 - 4:41pm

@Elvis Not exactly… Race Face actually posts a graph on their website. For a 2×10 setup complete w/ BB, the Turbine crankset is about 1 oz. heavier than the XO crankset.


Luc - 02/04/11 - 7:38pm

The post is confusing: I thought they would have a real 2X9 (40-27):”they’re available with 9- or 10-speed chainrings in double and triple formats, or a double with a bash guard.”

Guess I’ll have to switch to 2X10….arghhhhh

Colin - 02/04/11 - 7:58pm

@Luc you can use 10speed rings with a 9speed setup.

Colin - 02/04/11 - 8:00pm

Also that chart with various crankset weights is incorrect. The new XTR cranks are quite a bit lighter than XX.

lqdedison - 02/05/11 - 4:43am

“…we’ve got almost every conceivable configuration covered.”

Okay…what about chainring combinations? There is no mention of that in the above post or the graph. So what’s going to be available for 2×10/2×9 setups?

pawel - 02/05/11 - 4:54am

Shame that They didn’t make old style microdrive cranks 58/94BCD, so I’ll be using my old turbines still.

Luc - 02/05/11 - 8:39am

@ Colin
What about the warranty?

Colin - 02/05/11 - 4:34pm

I honestly don’t know about the warranty, but I really doubt it would matter how many cogs you have in the back.

Luc - 02/05/11 - 5:14pm

@Colin Thanks for your thoughts on this. I emailed Race Face, I’ll see what they have to say ! I might give it a try anyways!

RaceFace - 02/08/11 - 1:01pm

So to answer some of the questions posted here. We are offering the Turbine crankset in either a 2 ring (2×10-120BCD) or 3 ring (3 x 9/10 – 104 BCD). So you can use the 2×10 Turbine crank with 10 speed rings with either a 9 or 10 speed drivetrain (9 speed chain will work with 10 speed rings). With the Triple Turbine cranks you can run current 9 speed rings or Turbine 10 speed rings – to see all the different 10 speed ring combo’s check – http://raceface.com/components/cranks/turbine/ . All the Turbine rings are CNC machined in Canada with US alloy. Turbine cranks do come with a lifetime warranty on the cranks. The best warranty in the business. The Turbine cranks will push the boundaries of performance trail parts.

Ham Radio - 11/16/11 - 10:28am

Does the 3×10 crank will compatible with my 9spd RD if I use 22-32-44T?
What is the different between 3×9 and 3×10 crank beside their chain ring?
Do they produce a specific crank for 3×9 and 3×10?
Anyone can help?

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