Planet Bike SuperFlash Turbo: The 1W Evolution of the Trusty Superflash

Planet Bike Superflash Turbo 1W Tail Light
Planet Bike pinged us today with a nice tid bit of information.  This spring you can expect to see the
INCREDIBLY bright 1W Superflash Turbo tail light.  This is the evolution of the ever popular Superflash
tail light.  I have personally been using two Superflash lights (one on the seat post, and one on the bag)
for over a year now on my daily commute.  I look forward to testing out the new, even brighter version.
Expect a full review soon.
In the mean time, jump past the break for specs and pricing.



1 Watt Power LED plus 2 red LEDs for visibility up to 1 mile


New attention-grabbing Turbo flash pattern


Soft-touch power switch accesses flashing or steady mode for up to 100 hours of run time on two AA batteries


Ultra compact vertical design is weatherproof, lightweight and durable


Includes bike mounts and clip mount for multiple mounting options


MSRP$ 29.99-34.99


Michael - 02/03/11 - 8:07pm

Nice, a decent SMIDSY defense without the price tag of a Dinotte 400R. I can always pick out a PB Superflash at a long distance, can’t say the same for any other brand except the Dinotte.

SGK - 02/04/11 - 2:04am

Hope it’s less directional than the current version.

PaulRivers - 02/04/11 - 3:39pm

My biggest problem with my Dinotte 140L is that it’s to damn bright on it’s lowest setting for riding in a pack (yes, I’ve tried it, got complaints). Hope this light fixes that – has a lower brightness so you don’t blind someone in a pack behind you, but also has a the higher/brighter settings.

KC - 02/04/11 - 7:31pm

use my 140L for commuting, not pack riding. For a commute, I don’t leave home without it. But I’m looking forward to this new PBSF for the other rides

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