Exclusive RealTree and American Flag Ano’d Thomson Seatposts

lh thomson realtree camoflage and american flag union jack anodized seatposts and stems

Tom from i-ride.co.uk, a UK distributor, sent these images over from Core Bike, a show for bike distributors to display the new goods to retailers for that market.

His brief notes suggest these custom anodized LH Thomson seatposts and stem are exclusive colors for I-Ride and says it’s a Union Jack color scheme, but looks like the good ol’ stars and stripes to us. As for the other one, we’re not sure if it’s real RealTree licensed artwork, but looks pretty close to it.

Another photo after the break…


dgaddis - 01/31/11 - 4:48pm

Hmmmmm….sweet! I had a camo fork on my BMX a few years ago. P.I.M.P.

Are these official Thomson color schemes? As in…do they still carry the Thomson warranty? I know Thomson has warned against buying anodized versions of their products online, saying they didn’t do, or authorize, the modification, and therefore the product has no warranty.

Tom - 01/31/11 - 8:22pm

I barfed a little bit in my mouth.

Floody - 01/31/11 - 8:37pm

Thomson resorting to gimmickry makes me sad.

David - 01/31/11 - 11:53pm

Floody: Thomson are somewhat local to me, and knowing their philosophy, and that of the late founder of the company, I know first-hand that they are the anti-gimmick company if there ever was one. I doubt that Thomson actually requested the custom colors.

Floody - 02/01/11 - 2:07am

That’s what I mean, IMO thomson’s whole niche is building high function, low wank components. The opposite of say Atomlab…

MattyVT - 02/01/11 - 8:47am

If you’re a legit National Champ, then the stars & stripes are cool. Otherwise it’s a little too ‘Murican for most of us. Hopefully they don’t get all 80’s metal-inspired ano like Ellsworth did. Yuck.

monn - 02/01/11 - 4:03pm

Horrible! Complete opposite of what id expect from Thomson!

Eric Lassiter - 02/01/11 - 4:56pm

either we’ve gone gimmicky, or maybe we’re trying out some new processes from our anodizing vendor. you be the judge 😉

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