Prototype Disc Brake Whyte Cyclocross Bike Spotted

whyte bicycles prototype cyclocross bike with disc brakes

UK’s Whyte Bikes has just leaked this sneak peak of an all-new, disc brake equipped  cyclocross bike prototype.

Info is scarce, but it looks like Whyte’s prototype is a hydroformed BB30 alloy frame with carbon disc fork and Avid mechanicals. Wheels, post and likely more of the cockpit are FSA. Whyte says the bike was built this week as a test mule for the CX Sportive this weekend, which means it’ll likely see some refinement before final production, but it’s looking pretty good to us. Given the absence of any brake bosses on the frame, we’re guessing they’re committed to producing a disc-only ‘cross bike for the 2011-12 season.

More photos after the break…

whyte bicycles prototype cyclocross race bike with disc brakes

whyte bicycles prototype disc brake cyclocross bike


Evan McIntosh - 01/27/11 - 8:45pm

I’m going to step right out and say, this rig looks sweet.

Alvis - 01/28/11 - 11:20am

Maybe this needs the 3T Luteus it might not be pretty but at least it has a hose/cable connection to the front caliper!!

St.John - 02/01/11 - 3:37am

Does anybody knows which fork they use?

[…] caught wind of Whyte Bikes’ forthcoming disc brake only cyclocross bike a week or so ago, and now we’ve got some more photos. Still no official word on which fork is on the bike in […]

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