Red Bull Mini Drome: Race Around the World’s Smallest Velodrome

York Hall in the East End of London was home to England’s first race on the world’s smallest velodrome. Perhaps motivated by Portland Design Works newest office installation, the Red Bull Mini Drome was a contest of not necessarily fitness, but more so the skill and the ability to stay on the track, especially after fatigue set in (you’re going to want to watch the whole video to catch all the carnage).

Cyclists from almost all walks of life entered the competition, but it was won by none other, than Mongoose trials rider Chris Akrigg.


some guy - 01/27/11 - 12:29am

LMAO. Hipster much? Damn hipsters, you have to pedal straight, also, learn how to ride.

uglyyeti - 01/27/11 - 7:20am

That was sweet – nice bunny hop near the end. Looks like a blast.

Erich - 01/27/11 - 10:54am

A tiny velodrome begs for tiny bikes. Someone needs to bring the Bone Deth crew over there and see how that sorts out, I can only imagine it would be glorious.

Gillis - 01/27/11 - 1:38pm

Where was Victoria Pendleton? She would’ve smoked all these guys and looked good doing it.

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