Couldn’t Blow Off Work? Cyclomaniacs Sequel Now Available

So you’re stuck there, reading BikeRumor at the office, sneaking peeks at anything cycling related you can while the boss isn’t looking, with your hands hovering ALT+Tab just waiting to switch to the Excel spreadsheet you’re *supposed* to be working on…

I know you’ve already played out Cyclomaniacs, only the greatest Flash-based cycling game ever made, unlocking every level and character. Well, you’re in luck because TurboNuke has released the sequel, Cyclomaniacs Racers,  “this time with more characters, bike special upgrades and 24 brand new tracks.”

You’re welcome.


Rich - 01/25/11 - 12:27am

What about First to the Line? It’s a real live bike racing card game. Disclaimer: I’m the game’s designer.

Rich - 01/25/11 - 12:27am

You can find it at

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