Astronaut falls off his bike and misses out on spacewalk

Source: Nasa

Sad news on the wires today, that Tim Kopra, a Nasa astronaut, will miss out on being the lead spacewalker in a forthcoming mission due to falling off his bike over the weekend.

His mission, one of the last three Discovery missions before the shuttle program is retired, was due to launch in November, only for various setbacks to push the date back to this coming February. He was due to fly as flight engineer, which would have involved several spacewalks; the crew have been training for 20 months, and the injury may mean he doesn’t fly again.

Nasa would not say what his injuries were, but confirmed they were not life-threatening. Some sources are reporting that he has broken his hip.

BikeRumor wishes Tim a speedy recovery!


alloycowboy - 01/20/11 - 7:29pm

No doubt Tim is an astronaut and test pilot with friends in high places, I wish him all the best in his recovery.

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