21st Avenue Bicycles: “Making It Awesome”

21st Avenue Bicycles – Family Fun Bike Build! from James Wilson on Vimeo.

The guys at 21st Avenue Bicycles in Portland, Oregon are dedicated to making it awesome. Their dedication to awesomeness comes across clearly in this awesome video-short of an awesome commuter bike build. It’s got tight editing, a killer soundtrack, great production value…throw in a couple nine-foot-tall blue people with tails (along with every cliche in The Totally Freaking Huge Book Of Cliches) and you’ve got Avatar in a bike shop.


Matt Mc - 01/14/11 - 3:21pm

Thom- she builds a bike faster than you do. Just sayin! :-)

Nick burklow - 01/14/11 - 5:40pm

This shop is just down the street from me. It’s my shop of choice for sure.

RON1 - 01/14/11 - 7:50pm


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