Banshee Bikes: Mike Montgomery’s New Amp

Banshee Bikes of North Vancouver, Canada did this custom job for team rider Mike Montgomery. Mike decided he needed something a little extra-special after he saw the purple and black AMPs Banshee did “for Nick’s eyes.” (Say what? You lost me there.) A couple months back Banshee made two purple and black AMPs to be auctioned off for a benefit — Nick Moore of Demon Dirt was going blind and his insurance wouldn’t cover the surgery. Apparently the guys from Banshee Bikes don’t just make awesome bikes; they practice the art of being awesome as well.

For a bunch more photos of the frame and some vids of Montgomery in action, click more…

“The “SD” logo that Mike sports on all his stuff. I believe it stands for San Diego and as everyone knows was discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale’s vagina.”

“Mike told me about a font he liked, I took it and started doodling with it, then I took a picture of it and loaded into Illustrator. The result is pretty cool.”

To see more Banshee Bikes, visit their website.

Rocket Air Slopestyle Besttrick from Ice-TV on Vimeo.


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