Italian-Made Iride Track/Fixie Bikes Coming To US

Italian-made Iride bicycles, a small manufacturer based in Northeastern Italy, has begun importing their lugged steel track/fixie bike, the Bici Pista, to the United States.

The hand brazed, lugged steel frame uses a Columbus SL2009 tubeset, with what the importer describes as “serious yet moderate” geometry. See the rest of the pics and the parts specs after the break.

The Bici Pista comes spec’d from top to bottom with Miche components, including a Primato headset, bottom bracket, and drivetrain, a Supertype seatpost, and the Miche Pistard wheelset.

While some people still like to race steel frames on the track, this seems to be better suited as a city bike, as it comes with machined rims and basic Vittoria clincher tires, but if you really want a real Italian bike, this might be a good option.

No word on pricing yet, and the company seems to still be working on getting shops to carry the products, but in the US, you can order directly from the company via their website.


Uri - 12/17/10 - 11:07am

So pronounced ee-ree-deh then? I hope so.

Pete - 12/18/10 - 5:31pm

From the IRIDE website,
“It is pronounced, with an Italian accent, like EERDD-ee-dey, in American English like EAR-ee-dey; but really, we don’t mind if you say it I-ride.”

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