Leaked Photos Of 2011 HTC-Highroad Team Kits

As many pro cycling teams head to their December training camps, much anticipation and speculation has swirled around what teams will be wearing for the 2011 season. Saturday, ahead of the January 1 embargo on the official HTC-Highroad team photos, team member Mark Renshaw posted a sneak peek of his team kit, along with a shot of sprinter Mark Cavendish, on his Twitter page. On the same day, Irish national champion and HTC-Highroad team member Matt Brammeier also Tweeted a shot of his national champion’s kit. See all the photos after the break.

2011 HTC-Highroad Team Kit HTC-High Road

Renshaw posted this photo on his Twitter, previewing the HTC-Highroad team kit for 2011.

Mark Cavendish Team Kit HTC Highroad 2011

Renshaw also posted a picture of sprinter Mark Cavendish sporting the new team colors.

HTC-Highroad Special Team Kit 2011 Preview Sneak Peek

Irish national champion Matt Brammeier released this photo of his custom team kit.

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Mark Adam - 12/13/10 - 8:46am

Two thumbs WAY up. So much better than their painted on abs designs the past two seasons.

il Bruce - 12/13/10 - 11:07am

Who wears short shorts?

daniel - 12/13/10 - 8:57pm

when you have legs that that you can wear whatever the f*%# size shorts you want

The Ben - 12/14/10 - 6:14am

Thing is, if you’re a sprinter guy with big legs, long shorts tend to pinch your quads, short shorts much more comfortable….

Flecha - 12/14/10 - 7:57am

A little angry Danny?

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