Gorgeous 2000 Frames Per Second BMX Video Captures Every. Last. Drop.


Dan - 12/09/10 - 6:21pm

It’s not actually 2000 frames per second, or real rain. Check the video description. Special effects.

emp - 12/09/10 - 10:50pm

not bad, the fake rain is abit much though

Byron - 12/09/10 - 11:09pm

What makes you think the rain i fake? The vid is slowed down 80x, so you would be able to see induvidual drops.

KGr - 12/10/10 - 2:40am

Clouds are heavily edited. Rain drops are too spherical and too dense for the amount of rainfall in the normal speed video. No HD video camera can take genuine 2000fps and be affordable for a small production like this, so the video itself is mostly keyframed.

Tyler (Editor) - 12/10/10 - 8:33am

Oh well…it’s still very pretty.

crossjunkie - 12/10/10 - 7:18pm

If you go to his vimeo page he explains that its fake. Its still super rad though and I enjoyed every second of it. Nice find Tyler and thanks for posting.

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