Unfixed Fixed Gear Brakeless Trials Video from Chris Akrigg

Further blurring the lines between fixed gear, BMX, and trials riding, the newest video from Chris Akrigg will leave you scratching your head. The six-time National BikeTrial Champion & Mongoose MTN team rider says it best on his site, that he will ride anything, even if it is as mental as riding a bike with no way of slowing down in the woods and over huge boulders.

Chris wrote on the intro that,  “A little while ago i thought it would be a good idea to put a freewheel on my fixie. I’d miss placed the brakes so i had to run it without, this wasn’t a good idea as i ended up rapped myself round a tree. Anyway, i did manage to get a bit of footage before injury then bad weather stopped play. It is what it is, whatever that is! A bit of fun on a 700c…”

A bit of fun on a 700c indeed.


william miller - 12/08/10 - 1:48pm

That is awesome and crazy at the same time props to you CHRIS!!!

oilcanracer - 12/08/10 - 4:14pm

most of us cannot fit cyclocross tires on our fixies…..or ride without brakes….lol

Gillis - 12/08/10 - 10:10pm

the riding is no doubt good, but there’s nothing done here that really requires the use of brakes…jumping, drops, etc.
This brakeless trials is way more impressive in my opinion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0U_g6R6fso

Jimmy - 12/09/10 - 12:48pm

I was extremely impressed… until I realized he must have forgotten his helmet at home! What a bozo!

Deez - 06/05/12 - 3:11pm

Building 1 now :)

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