All-New Magura MT8 Hydraulic Disc Brakes Unveiled – With Carbotecture!

Magura has just leaked some images of their all-new MT8 hydraulic dsc brakes.

Two years in development, Magura’s new MT8 disc brakes promise to be the company’s lightest brakes it has yet produced. To achieve lightness, Magura developed a material with a high number of carbon fibres embedded in a thermoplastic matrix, which they call Carbotecture. Once mixed, it’s injection molded using a Carbolay process for the levers and Carbontecture for the full-carbon master cylinder. That’s right…FULL CARBON MASTER CYLINDER!

“It is only half the weight of aluminium and yet has tremendous tensile strength, somewhere between aluminium and steel. This makes it extremely resistant to impact and fracture. It has the highest fatigue strength under completely reversed alternating stresses of all known component materials. Its power-to-weight ratio (tensile strength/density) is twice as high as that of aluminium or magnesium and six times higher than that of steel or die-cast zinc.”

They’ve set up a mini-site just for this goodness here: Expected availability is Spring 2011. More photos after the break…

UPDATE: How light? Target weight of the new MT-8 is right at 280g including rotor and hardware!


apsbiker - 12/06/10 - 11:58am


RoDe - 12/06/10 - 1:24pm

sorry apsbiker I wanted to help you resist, but I already gave in must buy must buy must buy

Fanie - 12/06/10 - 2:33pm

Lets see what happens to the weight of forks once Magura starts using it on their boingers!

Conor - 12/06/10 - 10:03pm

Wow… those look amazing… can’t imagine what the price tag will be… rotors look nasty too.

tyler - 12/07/10 - 12:49am

those will be on my next bike.

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