Just In: UCI Rule May Cause Verge And NACT Cyclocross Series To Be Banned

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The Verge and NACT cyclocross race series face an uncertain future. Due to a little-known and heretofore unenforced (in the States) UCI rule stating that a UCI cyclocross series may have a total of only eight races, two of America’s most prestigious and well-attended ‘cross series may be BANNED. According to Verge series promoter Adam Myerson, the possibility of the ban was brought to his attention by USA Cycling just hours ago. Apparently the rule has been on the books for years, but has never been enforced because it isn’t really applicable to any of the ‘cross series in the United States. But now, not only is the rule going to be enforced going forward, but a retroactive ban will apply to ‘cross series that violated the rule in 2010, meaning the Verge series, the NACT series, and others like them could suffer from lack of UCI status in 2011.

To understand the ramifications of this destructive ruling and for more insight into the matter, watch the above interview with Verge Series promoter Adam Myerson.


ShopMechanic - 12/02/10 - 2:11pm

This is really disappointing. Myerson makes some good points here. It is not as though these rules don’t have a useful purpose, but applying them in the U.S. seems ridiculous. The UCI and USA Cycling should come up with some kind of compromise to prevent the sport of cyclocross from having its growth stunted at such a critical stage in its development here. It is true that race promoting is terrible work. My hat is off to all the selfless individuals that sacrifice in order to create a cyclocross race series. Lets find a way to help them continue to do the work that they do by removing the already considerable hurdles they face, rather than adding more.

topmounter - 12/02/10 - 5:54pm

And why is the 9th race so very bad?

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ride - 12/04/10 - 5:39pm

I’m convinced USA Cycling is just trying to kill cycling on the east coast period. Look at what they did in mountain biking for the pro xtc and nats. We need a new sanctioning body and fast. Also cyclocross in the usa just took a hit and Bikerumor just wants you to get a t-shirt with hairy thing on it… awesome….

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