Build Your Own Motorized Ozone Killer

Here are detailed instructions from Canadian YouTube user Davidsfarm, a “self employed garbage picker, problem solver and repairman” on how to build your own motorized scooter from a two-stroke weed eater motor (with a clutch) and bicycle found in the trash. You’ll need to know how to work a welder, a hand grinder, and a drill, and maybe a lathe and milling machine. The bulk of the video is a lot of mumbo-jumbo about his creative engineering process, but, check out 9:52 for gear ratio explanation and how fast you can make this sucker run (Ha!) and 11:53 for a demonstration.


Rorschach - 12/03/10 - 1:11am

Torn between making a comment about rednecks in Canada and how it doesn’t go with my Rapha kit….

Kristibee - 12/03/10 - 8:05am

Rorschach, your Rapha kit doesn’t have a confederate flag picture on it?

Uri - 12/03/10 - 11:04am

Would much rather ride this thing than “The Beast”

Mick - 12/03/10 - 11:11am

jeez, having that go around the neighborhood wouldn’t get old fast…

I wouldn’t know where to start with that vid…
needless to say, in sick, shameful fascination, 13 min,20 sec of my life I will never get back
I have no explaination as to why I watched it…

IdeaStormer Jorge - 12/03/10 - 11:56am

Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy Fabian’s bike?

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