Irina Kalentieva Race Day Video Shows Build Up to Offenburg World Cup XC MTB Race

Topeak-Ergon rider Irina Kalentieva gives us a glimpse into the emotion leading up to a UCI World Cup mountain bike race. Filmed at Offenburg, Germany, it shows some of the technical terrain from the course as well as those sleepless moments we’ve all felt before a big race, albeit glamorously dramatized for our entertainment.


sam - 11/29/10 - 5:48pm

at 0:43 to 0:45 you can see her nipples!!!!!!!!

km - 11/30/10 - 9:31am

Sam, I think you totally got the point of the video. Right on. Her nipple is much more impressive than the shit she rides at 1:46-2:00

David - 11/30/10 - 11:37pm

The feeling of wearing the Arc en Ciel on the starting line must be pretty incredible. Great video, great racer.

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