Downhill Mountain Bike Vs. Motocross Bike At Ft. William

“But what I didn’t realize was just what a nutter the cyclist could be.”

– James May, Top Gear

Pro downhiller Gee Atherton and Enduro Motocross dude David Knight square off in a race pitting man against machine, or rather, a race pitting man on a machine WITHOUT a motor versus man on a machine WITH a motor. It’s something we’ve all pondered while out riding on those trails that we share with our motorized brethren — can those guys ride what I’m riding as well as I’m riding it? The concept (and the sort of contrived smack-talking) is very Top Gear, and Gee Atherton is no stranger to working under Top Gear-like conditions. In fact, he appeared in an episode of the BBC show a couple years back wherein he raced his bike against a Renault Clio driven by James May through the streets of Lisbon.

See the Top Gear vid after the break…


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