DeFeet’s New Hi-Vis, Day Glow Yellow Arm Warmers

DeFeet has some killer new technology coming out, and here’s the first of what we have to show you: Hi-Viz, day glow yellow Armskins arm warmers.

I rode these on a 60º day (with their Un-D-Shirt as a base layer) and they were perfect. They’re a blend of 49% CoolMax EcoMade, 47% Nylon, and 4% Lycra, wick really well and stay put much longer than most arm warmers despite not having any sort of fancy silicone or rubbery grippy stuff at the upper cuff.  They’re super bright, adding a bit of safety to your ride (every little bit helps), and they’re only $22. Good stuff.


Uri - 11/24/10 - 1:49pm

They make Duragloves and Slipstreams in DG Yellow now too. And they’re all AWESOME!

Dicky - 11/25/10 - 9:36am

You put the “ow” in “yellow.”

Tyler - 11/25/10 - 5:43pm

Oh, Dicky. I thought long and hard about making some comment about how ridiculous you’d look if you wore these with your standard sleeveless jersey/arm warmer outfit. Oh well, so much for keepin’ it classy.

Deano - 12/11/10 - 12:44am

Very cool arm warmers although I had to chuckle when I thought of 60 degrees and what I’ve been going through lately in Portland – 40ish, rain coming and going……. It makes it difficult to put together the perfect ensemble. 60ish would be balmy for me right now!!

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