Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Break’s Over. Time To Get Mooving.

Photo by Agu Paiso, “Recon ride for a possible race venue, traversing some hilly pasturelands and peaceful cows who didn’t mind the intrusion.”

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ANTONY BLAIR - 11/24/10 - 8:25am

Those cows are deeply under nourished

JohnH - 11/24/10 - 3:55pm

Seriously lean beef. They’re not from around here, are they?

Kristibee - 11/24/10 - 4:23pm

JohnH, definitely not genetically engineered ‘roided cows from the USA, if that’s what you mean. They’re from the Philippines.

JohnH - 11/26/10 - 10:19am

I live in Germany. We don’t have GM cattle here, just well fed cows.

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