Ray’s Milwuakee Delays Grand Opening Celebration


While the grand opening celebration for the new Ray’s Milwaukee location was scheduled for this coming weekend, unfortunately it will be delayed for some time. The pictures below clearly show the huge amount of work that has already been completed, which makes me think they must be painfully close to opening.

Official word from Ray’s below, and more on the opening date when it’s released.

Although we’ve made a lot of headway building our new park unfortunately RaysMTB Milwaukee will not be opening this weekend as scheduled. Despite a furious work pace, we were unable to complete all the work in time to acquire all the permits from the City of Milwaukee. We’ll continue to work around the clock and we look forward to riding with you at RaysMTB Milwaukee before Christmas. Please stay tuned to raysmtb.com for the most accurate Grand Opening reschedule.

Check out some of the first images of the new park below…





liz - 11/11/10 - 6:10pm

Wow! This looks incredible!! Can’t wait to take my boys!

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