Video: Making of CycleFilm’s CyclePassion Women of Cycling Calendar

Here’s the blurb about this video, and we really can’t say it any better:

Once a year, a select group of elite women cyclists leave behind their world of mud, sweat, blood and pain to slip into something a little more comfortable. See what happens when eight professional cyclists trade in their lycra for latex, lace and leather in the sixth annual production of the ever popular Cyclepassion Bike Calendar. Take an intimate look behind the scenes of each photo shoot and find out what life off the bike is like for each rider. Eyes Wide Open also tells the story of the calendar origins with its founder Anke Wilken, and renowned photographer Daniel Geiger.

Above is part one of three featuring teammates Heather Irmiger and Willow Koerber. Click past the break for parts two and three with some of their domestic and international competition…


Adam - 11/05/10 - 1:22pm

Must. Have. Calendar.

Eric Jensen - 11/05/10 - 2:56pm

… as if we needed further evidence that Liz Hatch is smokin’ hot …

Markus Neuert - 11/06/10 - 2:47pm

If you want to see a bit more from the actual DVD film “Eyes Wide Open”, be sure to check out out the eight exclusive sneak peeks I’m putting online throughout November.

Daniel - 11/08/10 - 8:58pm

Ahmm mumm uhh naaa hmm, uh huh.

Rae Merrill - 11/14/10 - 2:52pm

They can’t be winning any races then?

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