New Cycling Jersey from Kinetic Koffee

All the usual sizes are available for $59.99 at Not much else to say.


Erik - 11/05/10 - 12:43pm

Hey what’s up?
Not even their website shows the new jersey. Are you even scooping their own news?

Tyler (Editor) - 11/05/10 - 1:32pm

Boom! We’re that good!

bighit - 11/05/10 - 1:44pm

Great logs, bad jersey colors. I guess i could wear it during hunting season.

Mark - 11/08/10 - 1:20pm

Erik, sorry we haven’t updated the website; we’re actually working on an entirely new site, and I was waiting to put it up there (Hey Tyler, another scoop!). If you order a jersey from our current site, we will automatically ship the new jersey.

bighit, can’t argue about colors; as a great man one said, “You can’t please everyone.” Some folks actually want a bright/visible jersey, and we had many positive comments about the preious design. The new one is a riff on the label of one of our most popular coffees, Breakfast Buzz.

Mark (GM & Roaster, Kinetic Koffee)

Mark - 11/10/10 - 7:09pm

Eric, the website is now updated with the new jersey. You can order it at


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