Incredible Tricks Video from Senegal: BMX and Fixed Gear Freestyle Eat Your Heart Out

If bike dancing was an Olympic sport (not such a bad idea that… they could take away the walking race), London 2012 would have its winner.

Not since this video of trials legend Martyn Ashton putting a carbon road bike through its paces have I seen such incredible bike control. Though the dude does very briefly put his foot down around 2 minutes in, it’s barely noticeable – he makes it seem part of the routine.


Will Delson - 11/04/10 - 1:26pm

Wow! I hope that guy is an expert on a truing stand!

Gillis - 11/04/10 - 2:43pm

to hell with Contador and all those convicted or pending, why isn’t his guy getting paid?

Tywin - 11/08/10 - 5:31am

Damn, that was so impressive. And to think he probably just does it for fun.

WannabeSTi - 11/08/10 - 6:30am

That was truly impressive. I like that he does all those tricks on a standard bike. Nothing so special he can’t ride it 30 miles into the city for a pint.

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