Interbike 2010: Point 1’s Infinitely Variable Direct Mount Stem

In addition to their new Split Second 90 stem that Marc saw at Interbike, Point One (Po1nt) Racing had their new Infinite DM direct mount stem on hand.

It allows for a range from 47.5mm to 57.5mm of reach adjustment, which also provides a height range from +2mm to -8mm (not independent of each other, though). It’s a four-piece stem, shown here with a hollow plexiglass tube to hold it together. The Infinite DM will start shipping in December for $149. Painted white is $10 more. Po1nt also has a new Nickel Satin finish that they’re decking out with Ti hardware for some components…here’s hoping.


steve m - 11/03/10 - 3:06pm

So infinity is 10mm?

Tyler (Editor) - 11/03/10 - 4:55pm

Who knew, eh?

captin obvious - 11/05/10 - 3:16pm

I think the are referring to the aspect the you can put in the bars anywhere you want in that 10mm circle, and a circle can be broken down to an infinite number of segments (or locations).

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