Interbike 2010: WTB’s Freedom ThickSlick Tires – New White and Thicker Versions

Freedom, WTB’s commuter offshoot brand, has a new 28c width for the Thickslick urban commuter road tire. The Thickslick has twice as much rubber on the tread versus a standard road tire, so it’ll last a lot longer. It was inspired by the fixed gear market, but became a great tire for commuters, too. MSRP is $20, $30 with Kevlar strip, or $40 with Kevlar plus sidewall reinforcements.

New white color limited edition in the 25c width. It’s the base model, but it’ll retail for $30 and be a limited run with the total quantity produced to be based on demand. They’ll be available through QBP or direct through their website.


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