NeilPryde Demonstrates How to Break In a New Bike with “Chestnuts Roasting”

Awhile back we touched on the wind surfing company NeilPryde teaming up with BMW design works to create a new line of high performance road bikes. Well, the new bikes are out and it’s time for NeilPryde to give their Diablo a fitting introduction…


JT - 10/31/10 - 1:37am

pointless. I don’t see how this would add any credibility to the brand or appeal to anyone with several K looking for a new purchase. Targeting towards the wrong demographic.

ThomP - 10/31/10 - 4:59pm

That looks really dangerous.
I mean, that dude isn’t even wearing a helmet.

Mick - 11/01/10 - 11:39am

awfully close to a Christmas theme…what with his chestnuts roasting near an open fire

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