Coming Up On MacAskill: Dominik Raab Autumn Edit 2010 Street Trials

While most riders in the world of street trialsin’ sit on their hands and accept the fact that Danny MacAskill is making them all look like clowns, at least one rider, Dominik Raab of Austria, is willing to play George Foreman to MacAskill’s Muhammad Ali or maybe Jan Ullrich to MacAskill’s Lance Armstrong. Whatever the lame analogy, the kid is SICK. And what’s more, the production quality of this video is killer, the cameraman isn’t just looking at the crazy moves of the rider; he’s got an eye for general aesthetics and cinematography. It’s really a pleasure to watch on all levels.

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Andre Felipe - 10/26/10 - 3:11pm

Rad, but it seems to me that this guy is more into BMX tricks – although he’s got some tight trial skills in some parts.

Shram - 10/26/10 - 3:16pm

OK, these are awesome, but I went back and watched the DM video from 4/09 and it’s just a level higher, no question.

Tim F - 10/26/10 - 11:55pm

1:08 and 2:14 were awesome!

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